About the Book

In this book, readers will meet William and Zera, childhood sweethearts who got married after high school. That’s where the joy in their lives ended. William was off to fight in Vietnam, in service to his country that asked thousands of young men to give up their lifestyles to become soldiers.

Like so many other families, William and Zera’s lives were uprooted and changed forever. Torn apart by the war, ,they tried to hold on as best they could. When news came to Zera of William’s death, nothing could repair the pain she felt. Time seems to heal all wounds and soon Zera met Steve. Although she felt uneasy about it, Zera began dating Steve and they were married. Many years passed before Zera got the shock of her life. One day, there was a phone call, then a visit. When Zera opened her door, of course who should be standing there but William. Zera couldn’t believe it. Neither could Zera’s current husband, who actually served with William in the war. Zera was forced to make “a hard decision”: Who to continue her life with? Who does Zera choose?

A shocking conclusion is kept hidden until the very end.